AC Sheet Metal & Fabrication allows customers to order fully customized fabrication for industrial, commercial, residential, and marine offshore use along with structural and architectural needs.

If it’s metal, we can cut it, bend it, and well it. Our scope of work extends well beyond the HVAC industry and there are no limits as to what we can do in metal fabrication or where we can do it. Whatever the environment and no matter how harsh, we can build you something that can take it. From a kid kicking an AC unit to 40-foot waves crashing into an oil rig in the North Sea, we can fabricate metal that is built to take punishment.

What truly sets us apart is our capability to shear, break and form a wide range of materials from 26 gauge of metal to 5/8-inch plate at 120-inch length and ¼-inch galvanized and carbon steel as well as 26 gauge thru 10 gauge stainless steel. We can roll ¼-inch plate 4-feet wide metal to any diameter for ductwork and pipes.


We’ve worked with business to custom fabricate:

  • Duct and fume collection systems
  • Air make up systems
  • Chemical and industrial ducts
  • Industrial and agricultural maintenance parts